Mystic Beanery in Olde Mistick Village is your coffee house with over 100 varieties just off of Exit 90 on I-95.  Formerly the Village Beanery, the new name reflects a wider appeal to locals as well as visitors.  Driving 50 yards right off the northbound exit or a quarter mile left off the southbound exit everyone will find Mystic Beanery in the village on the left behind the Steak Loft and Mystic Cinema.

Here are a few words that yelp visitors have for their coffee experience with us:

5.0 star rating

I’ve been to Mystic twice. I missed this place the first time around. I should be sorry I did. I went there today on Christmas Eve to get some fresh air and a break away from the casinos.

This was actually the last store we visited on the way to the open parking lot. We went inside on a whim. The aroma when you open the door was nothing you’d expect and it was a mixture of sweetness and boldness.

My wife ordered the “Nutty Irish” after debating for 10 minutes. It was coffee with multiple flavors, whip cream, and chocolate syrup. The owner couldn’t even put a cap on the coffee drink. She handed us a spoon and my wife melted away from the first scoop. Of course, I told her I would take care of the whipped cream so we could put a lid on it. She fell for it!!!! Muhahahahaha.

After taking a couple more sips, I felt guilty for being this happy. The taste, the aroma, the joyful gulp of each sip makes me want to drive 135 miles from home just for another cup. Did I tell you I used a 10% coupon too and the entire 16 oz gourmet coffee ended to be less than $3.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

1/2/2013 2 Check-ins Here5.0 star rating

Dark chocolate raspberry mocha! AMAZING. Love this place.

Given the nature of Olde Mistick Village (half cool, half junk) I really had no expectations going in here. While this coffee shop is not what I would consider a destination, I would certainly stop again if in the area.

The barista was very friendly, offering to warm up my cranberry-orange scone and give me some butter for it. The scone was quite good. I’m used to having scones with a muted flavor, but this was nice and tart.

There are seats inside and outside. I suggest wandering around and watching the ducks, or better yet, walking toward the river for a better view.

11/16/2012 1 Check-in Here4.0 star rating

Got there first thing in the morning, coffee was fresh and relish.  The chocolate scone was killer!

10/19/20125.0 star rating

Very nice coffee shop.  I stop there probably once a week, even though I don’t quite live in the immediate area anymore.  The staff is always friendly and my coffee is always great.


I was feeling parched halfway through Olde Mistick Village and had stumbled upon this interesting coffee shop. One side of the store sells coffee beans and the other side is a cafe that serves coffee + tea drinks and also baked goods (cookies and such).

I had the daily special: Dirty Pirate Iced Latte. Wow! It was AMAZING! It’s an iced  concoction of butter rum, French Vanilla coffee, Cinnamon, espresso and milk. Delish! I’m digging this place.

This is a really good little coffee shop located in the back of Olde Mystic Village.  They had one of the most unique drinks for the Easter season.  It was a Peep latte that featured toasted marshmallow syrup, a Peep on top of a nest of fresh whipped cream.  My wife doesn’t drink coffee so they obliged us by making it with hot cocoa instead.  It was super sweet, but inventive and delicious.  I tried a chai tea latte that was super creamy with a nice hit of spice.

As you can see, we have quite a variety.  Stop in and try for yourself or order online for the Mystic Beanery experience!  You’ll be glad you did.  Like us on facebook at


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