Tips for Curb Appeal that Sell Homes


Looking to sell your house this spring?  Here are some tips for you to get your house ready for sale!

The term ‘Curb appeal” refers to the initial impact the home makes on buyers when they first see it.

Visualize a buyer driving up to your curb.  How does the yard look?  Does it need landscaping attention?  Does anything need painting? Is the yard inviting the buyers in for a look or is it scaring them away?

What needs the most attention on the outside of your house?  View your house from across the street and pretend you are seeing it for the first time.  How does the parking area look?  Are the bushes and trees trimmed?  Do they block any doorways or windows?  Buyers want safety as well as good looks so give them a clear view or the yard, parking and walkways.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and the last thing the buyer sees before entering the house is the doorway.  Does the door or trim need painting?  Is the screen door working properly?  Does the welcome mat do its job or is it old and beat up?  Help put the buyers in the right frame of mind before they enter the house!

Do you have wood floors underneath the carpeting?  Will removing draperies let more light into the room?  Are the ceilings dated with popcorn spray? Are the walls painted with soothing neutral colors or do they scream of psychedelics from ages ago?  Remember, you are selling the buyers dream, not yours!

Having a clean house is of utmost importance when putting your home up for sale in a competitive market. Why would someone want to waste their time on a house that needs work when there are so many from which to choose? A house that is not tidy may have a lot of other things that have not been properly maintained like chimneys, heating and plumbing.

Simple upgrades like knobs and handles on drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms will help a lot.  The less clutter the better, no need for a basket of old reading material to detract from the viewing.  Again, get Mr. Clean busy in both places!

Most buyers today want a home that is move-in ready.  A house that lacks in curb appeal and cleanliness will take longer to sell and will sell for less, costing you more than sprucing up for curb appeal!

Bridget Morrissey is a Realtor* with RE/MAX Property Consultants, 500 Bridge Street, Groton CT 06340                                                           Call/Text: (860) 857-5165       



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